• Riding the (Organic) Wave

    Cannibalization of marketing sounds like a fictional term. It’s not. 
    It simply means that your paid marketing is attributing success where rather than being the CAUSE for this success, the paid media activities are winning attribution - or in other words - are riding your wave.

    There’s no wrongdoing here by the paid media vendors. They simply enjoy the mechanics of last-touch attribution. 
    More users exposed to your ads in correlation with more downloads = more attribution.

  • Unlock the value of your marketing spend

    Media vendors invest a lot into customer relationship management for the sole purpose of making the customer feel that their interest is cared for. If you are a marketer - your objective may not align perfectly with your vendor’s objective.

    This post explains the nature of optimization based on last touch attribution and why it makes the system completely biased towards targeting users who are likely to convert.

  • We are ready for the Apple IDFA & Google GAID deprecation. Are you ?

    Privacy has been a buzzed up topic in the media for the past years. Platforms like Facebook, Google, Amazon and so on, where users willingly share private information have been scrutinize by media for monetizing on this data. Data breaches, Political Interference, Anti-Trust and Anonymous User targeting were painted in the same brush by privacy advocate groups and the media rode this wave.

    So what is our solution ? Why are we so READY ?!

  • INCRMNTAL raises seed round to help marketers measure VALUE in a post IDFA world

    INCRMNTAL is officially founded and funded!

    We're proud and excited to share our launch story and the background of why, how and what are we building.

    We also wanted to thank all of the supporters, advisors, and customers who have trusted us, believed in us, and have been there for us.

  • Correlation ≠ Causation

    A few years ago, an internet meme series popped up showing spurious correlations between random facts: Internet Explorer market share vs. US Murder, Marriage rate in Kentucky vs. People who drowned falling from a fishing boat, Ice Cream Sales vs. Shark Attacks , and more.

    Correlation is not causation. We write here to explain this and how it impacts digital advertising.

  • Winning, Claiming and Causing are NOT the same

    Assuming you set up your attribution well. Assuming you’re working with some of the best media vendors, those with direct access to publishers, those who are well known in the market as not opening their gates to bad publishers - does that give you safety that your marketing mix is adding value ?

  • Thank you Apple!

    During the last WWDC conference you threw a bomb and put the in-app performance marketing world in flux by making the ID for Advertisers (IDFA) opt-out by default in iOS 14. This will give users the option of making a conscious choice about sharing their data.

    The coming change poses a much needed paradigm change in the industry.