INCRMNTAL is searching for the best Integration Manager in the world!

We are a new startup founded by successful serial entrepreneurs and strong team with the vision to evolve digital marketing from the measurement of traffic to measuring VALUE.

Advertising for the past 100+ years has faced a strange dilemma: “Half the budget I spend on Advertising is wasted. The problem is – I don’t know which half” (John Wanamaker, 1838-1922)

We are a deep machine learning and AI company, using the latest technologies, to solve a really simple question – “which half is wasted?”

Incrmntal launched in summer of 2020, backed by strategic investors from around the world who believe in what we’re doing.

We have customers and a constant flow of interest from the press, investors and more large companies who want to join us. 


Role Description:

INCRMNTAL is looking for an Integration Manager to establish and enrich our integration capabilities with media vendors and various platforms. 

As an Integrations Manager your role will be:

  • Responsibility for the integration life cycle from definition to deployment

  • Work closely with all teams at incrmntal to coordinate, prioritize and monitor integration activities

  • Create specification documents

  • Handle complex technical issues through collaboration across teams

You will also participate in important decisions around the product, our strategy as well as have the opportunity to choose the areas you work on based on what you want or like to do the most. 

We believe in helping each other get most of ourselves rather than do what we’re not interested in doing. 


Key Requirements:

  • 2+ years experience as a Technical Engineer / Customer Support Engineer / Integration Manager in a mobile/web space

  • Strong communication skills

  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills

  • Experience with technical troubleshooting and debugging

  • Ability to understand business cases and requirements to build out technical solutions

  • Ability to lead tech discussions and understanding business needs

  • Monitor changes on our partner’s end (e.g., new API version, breaking changes)

  • Experience with SQL and Client Server architecture

  • Scope & debug integrations 


Benefits of Joining INCRMNTAL:

  • We are a new startup with a LOT of supporters and positive attention from investors, press and customers. Joining early means that you could be part of our success.


     You will be granted share options as an early employee.

  • We are passionate, solution-oriented people who are accountable to our actions.

  • At INCRMNTAL, you should be ready to make decisions yourself. We say: “Don’t ask for permission –beg for forgiveness ☺”.

  • We care and respect one another, as we are ALL people – our titles define our roles and responsibilities, they do not differentiate us. 


We are accepting applications regardless of any external factors. Everyone is welcome to apply.


Tel Aviv, Israel

2+ years experience as Technical Engineer

or email us at

Full Time

We are building a company that brings value to customers, providing an innovative solution to a REALLY BIG PROBLEM. 

Our Vision is simple: We want to evolve digital marketing from attributing traffic - to measuring VALUE. We are passionate, solution-oriented people who are accountable to our actions. We place our customers first and aspire to build a valuable solution to measuring value. We may have controversial views about digital marketing - we do have some strong opinions about the legacy platforms and "data driven" processes based on wrong or partial data.  We believe in giving marketers full control over their growth spaceship. A collaboration between product and intellect. We built this company because we were frustrated no one else built it.

This is our philosophy. This is our company.

Why Join Us ?

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