Senior Sales Manager (Outbound)

Senior Data Scientist

How we work:

We are building a company that brings value to customers, providing an innovative solution to a really BIG problem.

Our Vision is simple: We want to evolve marketing from measuring clicks - to measuring VALUE. 

  • We are a passionate, solution-oriented team who are accountable for our actions. 
  • We put our customers first and aspire to build a valuable solution to measuring value. 
  • Our philosophy is centered around empowering marketers with complete autonomy over their growth trajectory. This involves a synergy between product and intellect, working together in tandem.

How we act:

Share the Success

We are a new startup with a LOT of supporters and positive attention from investors, press and customers. Joining early means that you could be part of our success. Early team members are granted stock options to share profit from the company's success.

Trust & Respect

We care and respect one another, as we are ALL people. Our titles define our roles and responsibilities but they do not differentiate us.  We have built a safe space and encourage everyone to speak up. We respect others’ opinions and worldviews, challenging arguments and not individuals. 

Solve Real Problems for Real People

We place our customers first and aspire to build a valuable solution for measuring value. We are customer-centric and build products and features with cutting edge technology through big-data, ML, AI and crazy cool tech.

Influence the Product

We don’t wait for stuff to happen, we make it happen. We are building the “Future of Measurement”. We encourage people to take charge while bringing passion into what they do. We act entrepreneurial in every decision, and we align with one another, when a decision impacts another.

Fulfill your Full Potential

At INCRMNTAL, you should be ready to make decisions yourself. We say ''Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness”. We take ownership in what we do, and we get out of our comfort zone to do it!

Take the Journey and Enjoy the Ride!

Why would this all matter if we didn’t have fun while doing it? We work hard but play even harder!

Real life at


Julian Bertram

I've been working with INCRMNTAL remotely for the past two years and when I met everybody in person for the first time at our first company-wide get together it felt like I already met everyone as if I'd been working with them in the same room forever. Everybody is super welcoming and we make an effort to keep it that way. As a developer in general I am sometimes bored at certain tasks, but not at incrmntal. Today I may be a DBA, tomorrow I may learn DevOps. While there are champions for certain areas for sure, everybody is free to work on anything and everybody else is happy to help. That way I can test out multiple fields and decide which direction I want to continue to grow into. Working at INCRMNTAL can sometimes be a wild ride as it's certainly demanding at times, but rewarding as well and there will always be a helping hand or open ear and a coffee break with a colleague waiting for you.

Noa Hassidim

Working at INCRMNTAL gave me the “independence feeling” everybody searches for, while growing personally and professionally. I feel trusted and valued for my work with our customers. It is truly a place where everyone works for the same purpose, day and night, business and R&D. We're all united for the same target here.

Khen Ishai

Working at INCRMTNAL has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. The sense of autonomy and trust that I feel in my role allows me to take ownership of my work and truly make an impact on our product & clients. I feel valued and appreciated for my contributions and I am constantly encouraged to push the boundaries of my potential. The team is united in our mission and driven to achieve our common goals.