Fragmented Point Measurement solutions for Mobile, Web, or TV only shows you a part of the picture.

As a marketer you understand that advertising affects performance across all platforms you operate on. Using a mobile measurement solution to measure mobile, while ignoring what happens across Web, TV, and any other platform you operate skews your view.
INCRMNTAL measurements evaluate any and all platforms you operate on. You can choose if you want to measure an activity cross platform, or per platform.

Applying your seasonality data to measurement

We all know that not all marketing is created equal, and in turn can not be given the same weight of impact. INCRMNTAL’s model is smart, and considers the weight of all of your marketing activities, as well as your seasonality, applying feature engineering, and external variables to measure the true incremental value of whatever it is you want to measure.

What do our customers

say about us


Autonomous takes all the guesswork out of marketing measurement and saves us considerable time in evaluating the success of our marketing activities as it does the work for us. As a result of using Autonomous, we’ve been able to measure the true incremental value of our campaigns. The dashboard enables us to see precisely where our spend is generating revenue for the business and where it’s not, so we can optimize our budget to the greatest effect


Measuring incrementality has always been important for us, as incrementality measures the true value of our marketing activities. INCRMNTAL got it right. The INCRMNTAL platform allows us to measure the actual value of our campaigns, while taking seasonality into consideration in every measurement. INCRMNTAL also allows us to measure and understand cross channel influence across all of our activities, including TV, influencers, and more.


INCRMNTAL goes beyond the paradigm of user level attribution. It attributes the value we got from all our marketing activities. We can identify campaigns and channels that have little to no, actual incremental value (i.e. cannibalization). As well as the campaigns and channels that contribute to substantial incremental value. Doing so, allows us to allocate our budgets based on where we’re getting the most value.


With INCRMNTAL we were able to measure the incremental impact of our influencer campaigns over our marketing, without having to pause any campaigns. We used this data to assess the performance of our influencers and it helped us make strategic decisions to extend or terminate collaboration.


Gameloft is an extremely data driven company, prioritizing accuracy, reliability, and security of our data. We have been testing INCRMNTAL for quite a while now, it has passed all of our rigorous data science validation tests and provided us with the level of transparency into the modeling process, allowing us to gain the necessary trust in the platform before deploying the platform across our wider marketing organization across our gaming brands. The platform already started providing us with ongoing granular actionable insights, recommendations for optimizations and validations of marketing tests that we would not been able to achieve in the same capacity and speed if it wasn’t for INCRMNTAL.

Before making any decisions we conducted rigorous validation tests over INCRMNTAL. We compared the platform to our own analysis, 3rd party solutions, and we even challenged the platform by onboarding fake spend data. The platform passed every test we ran it through. Measuring each and every campaign across all mediums and platforms, we learned that the incremental value of our mobile campaigns was far greater than some of our web campaigns - even though attribution reporting showed us a completely different picture. We changed our budget allocation amongst platforms thanks to insights we received and were able to validate.