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Continuous Measurement

How does INCRMNTAL measure effectiveness

No need to stop channels or campaigns to measure changes.

The root of our technology is your operational marketing changes. We built a fully automated change log, detecting any changes you've made to your marketing activities, across all channels. 

The platform treats your operational marketing adjustments as micro-experiments. Allowing you to measure any marketing activity, as well as any real-world event that causes an impact on your metrics. This approach allows you to measure incrementality while keeping campaigns and channels running.

Maximizing Marketing Effectiveness with Causal Data Science and Anomaly Detection

The platform uses causal data science and anomaly detection to identify marketing changes. This aggregated data is measured against your marketing KPIs to determine how effective each campaign is at hitting targets.

Privacy Led Marketing Measurement

Incremental measurement without user-level data

Our platform was built for a privacy-first world without the need for any user level data. Matching a single click to an action was never enough, and now with user level data becoming unattainable, the paradigm for measurement has changed.

Our approach eliminates the need for any user-level data as the model uses the advertiser's shared KPIs against aggregated data. And through activity detection runs micro-experiments without having to pause campaigns or split audiences. The best thing is that it allows you to run cross-platform marketing measurements for all channels and campaigns - down to the level of bid changes.

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Built for Smart Marketers

Privacy- Led Measurement

No user-level data required to unlock value.

Easy Integration

No engineering work: No Code and No SDK

Take Control

Measure what you want to measure and improve your strategy.

Actionable Insights

Discover the unknown. Measure the impact of external events out of your control.

Unlock Growth

Most advertisers don’t want to spend less but rather get the most value out of their marketing spend. 


Continuous measurement without the need for experimentation or pausing campaigns.

What do our customers

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Autonomous takes all the guesswork out of marketing measurement and saves us considerable time in evaluating the success of our marketing activities as it does the work for us. As a result of using Autonomous, we’ve been able to measure the true incremental value of our campaigns. The dashboard enables us to see precisely where our spend is generating revenue for the business and where it’s not, so we can optimize our budget to the greatest effect


Seasonality and external factors have a strong effect on rider's behavior. Understanding the impact of external factors on acquisition metrics is key for better-informed decisions about marketing investment. Using INCRMNTAL we were able to get insights about the incremental impact that a holiday like New Year's Eve had on our metrics. This year we will be validating and bringing those insights to action in our ads budgeting strategy.

Gamehouse Mobile

It sometimes takes just one measurement to show why incrementality measurement is a better way to make decisions about testing new channels, scaling spend up or down. While attribution only reports based on a user-match, incrementality looks at the true impact. We've been using INCRMNTAL for our established and soft launched games, measuring value, rather than only counting impressions and clicks.

Holy Water

The INCRMNTAL platform provided bi-weekly insights about the incrementality of operational marketing changes - from launching a new channel, to small changes in the bids, which helped us onboard faster and start getting value from day one. We have been able to implement operational and strategic marketing changes that have helped us increase our gross profit by 20%


With INCRMNTAL we were able to measure the incremental impact of our influencer campaigns over our marketing, without having to pause any campaigns. We used this data to assess the performance of our influencers and it helped us make strategic decisions to extend or terminate collaboration.

Moshi Kids

If we only relied on attribution data, we would have missed the opportunity we had with scaling TikTok. Click based attribution was completely off the charts. INCRMNTAL gives us the directional measurement insights for us to make decisions based on the value attributed to marketing activities. INCRMNTAL’s methodology is the paradigm shift marketers have been looking for.


INCRMNTAL goes beyond the paradigm of user level attribution. It attributes the value we got from all our marketing activities. We can identify campaigns and channels that have little to no, actual incremental value (i.e. cannibalization). As well as the campaigns and channels that contribute to substantial incremental value. Doing so, allows us to allocate our budgets based on where we’re getting the most value.


Measuring incrementality has always been important for us, as incrementality measures the true value of our marketing activities. INCRMNTAL got it right. The INCRMNTAL platform allows us to measure the actual value of our campaigns, while taking seasonality into consideration in every measurement. INCRMNTAL also allows us to measure and understand cross channel influence across all of our activities, including TV, influencers, and more.


We had been told it was impossible to measure OOH campaigns. let alone understand their performance at different times of the year. INCRMNTAL debunked that myth. Using INCRMNTAL we measured our OOH campaigns from billboards and busses at public transport stations across Sweden. Beyond measuring the campaigns, we were able to develop and understand cohorts. These insights allowed us to plan our future OOH campaigns.

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