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Evolving Digital Marketing from the measurement of Traffic to the measurement of VALUE


We are building a company that brings value to customers. Providing an innovative solution to a REALLY BIG PROBLEM. Apple deprecating IDFA made our product a necessity, as the ability for user level attribution becomes obselete. 

In Adtech, we were often wondering – Do we actually provide value to our customers? We had clear opinions about the problems of our industry, but now we also have a solution.

Our Vision is simple: We want to evolve how digital marketing works and rather than measure traffic - we want to measure VALUE.

Eliminating the bias using software to test the incremental value ad spend has on campaign performance and vendor performance overall – we are giving an unprecedented advantage and solutions to Advertisers.

We are passionate, solution-oriented people who are accountable to our actions.

We place our customers first and aspire to build a valuable solution to measuring value.

We may have controversial views about digital marketing - we do have some strong opinions about the legacy platforms and "data driven" processes based on wrong or partial data. 

We believe in giving marketers full control over their growth spaceship. A collaboration between product and intellect. This is why we designed a self service platform providing actionable insights rather than another reporting dashboard.

It was important for us to have a pricing model that is suitable for every customer size as the problem of digital Advertising does not discriminate amongst Advertisers. 

We built this company because we were frustrated no one else built it.

This is our philosophy. This is our company.