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Branding or Performance Pick a Side

We love talking with key individuals whose thoughts shape our industry. People like Ofer Yehudai - Co-Founder at Inneractive (sold to Fyber, Sold to Digital Turbine), Viktor Romanov - Head of Marketing at Magmatic Games, Previously at Machinezone (MZ), Magic Tavern, and JamCity, Ryan Kendall - Associate at Red Ventuers, and Maor Sadra - CEO at INCRMNTAL

The way we run these roundtables is what others would call freestyle. We do not rehearse, we have no preparation talks, and no moderator to make sure we stay on path. This is why our roundtables get a lot of positive feedback. We are just four industry thought leaders exchanging our opinions.

During this conversation, we chose to tackle the topic: Brand vs. Performance. 

Branding and performance are often considered as two sides of the marketing spectrum. But what is the difference between Brand Advertising and Performance Advertising ? Are the two sides really that different ? 

Where is the bigger incremental sales lift? 

We exchanged our opinions and experiences about these questions and more in our roundtable.

Here are some of the insights we found most interesting:


How Is Programmatic Influenced by Apple’s Announcement (Deprecating IDFA)?


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Insights and More from our Roundtable

"In the midst of every crisis lays opportunity" 


What Can Top-Of-The-Funnel Advertisers Learn From Performance Advertisers (and Vice Versa)?

"Incrementality Cannot Be Measured Per User" 


Should Marketers Challenge Their Media Mix When Identifiers Are No Longer Available?

"You Need to Test" 

Ryan Kendall, Red Ventures

How Can Marketers Measure ROAS Across Different Mediums?

If you want to watch the full roundtable, you can find the full video here , or the podcast audio version on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.



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"A Move to Better Utilize IDFV" 

Offer Yehudai, Fyber / Digital Turbine

One of the nice things about our industry is that it is a young, creative and vibrant industry. We don’t need to always take ourselves too seriously. We have a lot of fun talking about the mobile advertising industry. Attribution, incrementality, LTV prediction, user acquisition and so on.

We love cutting out a casual short from our roundtable recording.


The Roundtable “Casual” cut 😁

"Creative Artists Will Become More Valueble Than Media Buyers"

Viktor Romanov, Magmatic Games

What targeting alternatives are available for marketers post-IDFA?