Rather than forcing the customer to make any changes, the INCRMNTAL platform offers an always-on approach to measurement. The platform can start providing insights within five days of a marketing activity, allowing an advertiser to measure small changes such as a new campaign launch, bid changes, and even a significant promotional campaign offered to customers using email marketing.



Measurement is done with a click of a button, providing results within 1-2 minutes.




If this all sounds like science fiction - you’re welcome to read more about our methodology in this white paper: Advancing Marketing Measurement


And you’re always welcome to schedule a live demo with us.

How long does it take to measure incrementality ?

Incrementality measurement has gained popularity and momentum in the past years mainly out of necessity. Majority of digital advertisers were comfortable with attribution taking the role of measurement, even if all attribution was doing was to connect between a click and a conversion giving 100% of the credit only to the last click.


Incrementality measurement used to require experiments - either creating holdouts and conducting a randomized controlled experiment, or pausing advertising all together to create an A/B test of marketing performance with and without Advertising campaigns active (while ignoring external effects)


Nowadays, algorithmic methodologies such as causal data science offer Advertisers with the ability to measure incrementality without the need of doing any experiments. 

Treating the marketing changes an Advertiser is already doing as micro-experiments, a model can triangulate the contribution (or lack thereof) of any activity measured, while applying seasonality to the prediction.

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