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Android ID deprecated

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The Android IDFA Apocalypse

The move taken by Apple to deprecate the IDFA won them a lot of positive consumer response. Apple launched a set of unbiased commercials explaining to consumers what this new prompt is all about. The Advertising community all facepalmed at the same time.


Privacy | App Tracking Transparency

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It's Coming!

Google Android is starting to make steps towards user privacy. 

For laughs, we decided to draft a few examples of what the Android ATT prompt screen could look like.

@Google - better....

About US:

INCRMNTAL is an incrementality measurement platform built for a post IDFA world requiring no identifiable user level data. Our platform measures VALUE.

What Will Android ATT Promop Look Like ?

Most developers hate the portrail of the ATT Prompt Screen. It makes us (in the mobile app community) look like villains. Users are told that by allow tracking, they are jepordizing their data, they are revealing their intimate secrets, they could be manipulated and influenced to do things they did not want to do. 

Privacy on iPhone | Tracked

Google doesn't share the same interest of Apple when it comes to user data collection on Android smartphones. Google makes about 90% of their revenues from Advertising, and user level data is key for these revenues to continue thriving.


While Apple's Limit Ad Tracking Feature (available up to iOS 14.5) was enabled by approximately 30% of iPhone users globally; A similar setting (Opt Out of Ads Personalization) was only enabled by ca. 5% of Android users. 


Android App Developers Could still access the device ID , even if the user opted out of ads personalization.

Yes, You Could Access the Device ID EVEN IF THE USER OPTED OUT!


In June 1st 2021, Google announced the following:

"Starting in late 2021, when a user opts out of interest-based advertising or ads personalization, the advertising identifier will not be available. You will receive a string of zeros in place of the identifier."