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Logging Changes in Marketing Activities

Do you keep a change log with all the marketing activities you did?

We asked dozens of marketers this question and the most common response we heard was “we should”.

Some companies told us that they use tools like Monday, Google Spreadsheets, or Excel, expecting the marketing team to enter manually any major change made to campaigns.

Companies who kept some sort of a tracker all told us that they often forget logging things, or only logged “major” changes. Most told us that whatever tools they used was long forgotten about, as no one wants to waste their time with manually inputting things like “Changed Bid from $0.11 to $0.23 on Google, cool_campaign_US, Ad Group g1818208”.


Who Needs a Marketing Activities Log ?

How many optimization actions do you take per day? per week? per month?

The average marketer makes 242 changes to their campaigns every day.

A change can be as “small” (i.e. optimizing targeting or changing bids), or “big” (i.e. stopping a major channel, increasing budget across multiple campaigns).

Interestingly enough, there is no correlation between the budget spent and the number of changes marketers make to their activities.

A customer spending $90M per month may make less changes to their campaigns than a marketer spending $400K.


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We still created an option to insert marketing activities manually – mainly to allow customers to input activities that would not show up in conversions and cost data.

Tracking things like: “Started a huge TV campaign”, or “App was mentioned in the news”.

But all the day to day marketing changes, the dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of changes made – those would be captured by our marketing activity logger automatically.


What can the INCRMNTAL Marketing Activity Logger track ?

Our marketing activity tracker can detect every action you do.

You launched a new ad channel or stopped one? we tracked it.

Increased (or decreased) a budget for a specific campaign? We tracked it.

Decreased (or increased) bids for one of your ad groups? Yes…we track that too.

Why did INCRMNTAL need to build a marketing activities log?

Being perfectly honest – we didn’t. When we built INCRMNTAL we thought that marketers are already using some sort of a marketing activity logging system. When we understood that this is not the case, we brainstormed and discovered that we had the right resources and motivation to build one.


Creating a useful Marketing Change Log

Our Marketing Activity Logger needed to be easy to use, be fully automated, require NO manual Inputs, and require no tech resources from the marketer.

Using the activity logger will only require marketers plug in their conversions and media spend data in aggregate form. (Yes, we would not need user-level data).

Marketers could use their attribution platform, or even connect marketing data to using BigQuery or any other file system – and our platform would do the rest.

Integration is completely self service and requires no coding, SDK or whatnot.

INCRMNTAL is a continuous incrementality measurement platform. Our software allows marketers to test out incrementality with a push of a button, and get results within seconds, with no need to run any experiments that require you to stop your campaigns. If you want to learn more, visit INCRMNTAL or book a demo today!





How did we price our Marketing Activity Logger ?

Our monthly license is priced at $0 per month per user.

You can also opt in for the enterprise package that is $0.00 per month.

If you are in Europe, our special offer for you is €0.00.

We do support every major currency.

(Ps – This is our lame attempt of a joke. If you didn’t get it, sorry. The product is Free)


Why is our marketing activity logger free ?

We had some discussions internally about this. We could have probably priced our change logger at $10 or $20 per month per user. We could probably add more features and price it at $50 per user for Enterprise customers.

Giving this product for free was a deliberate decision.

  • Tracking marketing activities helps our incrementality measurement.
  • As per the name – INCRMNTAL’s core product is Incrementality Measurement.

(If activity logging was our core product, we would probably be named ACTVTYLOG or MKTGLGGR or something weird like that 😁)

  • Once we had built this – our activity logger infrastructure costs were so low, that it would actually be petty of us to charge customers to use it.

So we decided to just give it for free to anyone who wants to use it.


What other random questions do we get about our marketing activities logger?

Are all customers using the activity log forced to use the incrementality measurement components of INCRMNTAL? No

Do we require a credit card for customers to sign up to this? No

Do we need user-level data? No

Do we need any sensitive data? No

Would we sell the data to anyone? No

Does the activity logger work in space? Yes!


If you think you got the gist of this – you’re welcome to start using our automated marketing activity logger.

We’re currently accepting BETA customers, but will be happy to notify you once the product is publicly available.


Feel free to apply here


Or ping us at

And a bonus feature: We also track every “Featuring!” you got on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.


How do we track marketing activities?

We developed an extremely robust anomaly detection algorithm that can identify changes. In conjunction with activity logs from ad platforms you can authenticate via the INCRMNTAL platform, our marketing activity detection automates the entire process for you, allowing you to see your marketing activities against your ad spend, filter the activities by country, ad channel, and even activity type.

So – If you wanted to see all budget increases in the US over the past 30 days against your ad spend and conversions – you can do that with a click of a button.