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Marketing Automation and Unemployment

We can talk about our industry for hours and hours. We started this roundtable series inviting our friends and customers to have an open conversation about whatever topic we find interesting.

Marketing Automation and Incrementality measurement go hand in hand. We talked about the future of marketing, the impact of privacy over automation, and asked the hard question: will marketers become unemployed after implementing marketing automation platforms ?

We had a lot of fun talking about these and more with Filippo De Rose from Traplight Games, Alexandra Palacci from BidShake, Claire Rozain from Product Madness, and Maor Sadra from INCRMNTAL.

Our roundtables have no moderator and no script. Which is why they end up so much fun. 

Here are the best of the insights from our conversation:


Why are Marketers Taking Control and Stopping To Work With Managed Solutions?

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Insights and More from our Roundtable

"All We Try To Do is To Demistify The Black Box" 

Filippo De Rose, Traplight Games

How is Marketing Efficiency Determined? Is it Volume? ROAS? ROI?

"We're Just Too Slow Without Automation"

Claire Rozain, Product Madness

Would Limiting The Number of Vendors Help Efficiency?

"True Efficiency in Marketing is Impossible" 

Filippo De Rose, Traplight Games

Does Marketing Automation Mean Less Spend ?

If you want to watch the full roundtable, you can find the full video here , or the podcast audio version on Spotify or Apple Podcasts


INCRMNTAL is an incrementality measurement platform helping marketers test the value of their marketing spend. Our software works in alignment with mobile attribution platforms and SKAdnetwork to help marketers get even more value.

If you want to learn more, visit INCRMNTAL or book a demo today!


"Automation Allows Us To Do What We Should Have Been Doing" 

Filippo De Rose, Traplight Games

Our favorite thing to do after every roundtable we record is to make a casual or a controversial cut. This is a short video where we gather all of our wild and funny opinions about the mobile performance advertising industry.


The Roundtable “Casual” cut 😁

"As A Marketer, Your Competition Is The Vendor"


Does Marketing Automation Mean Unmployment For Marketers?