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Tracking The Untrackable

Everything Can Be Measured. Read This Article.

In the last years I’ve seen app marketers sailing to new frontiers to find growth: Superbowl ads, NPR sponsorships, Twitch / YouTube / Instagram / TikTok and other influencers.
I’ve even seen a truck circling Shibuya station in Tokyo showing a large billboard for what seemed like a dating app. 

Apps have become a part of our lives and it only makes sense for an Advertiser to expand beyond the digital dimension to capture users attention.

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You Can Learn A Lot From Your Activities. Even The “Untrackable”

While it may be impossible to assign an exact value to the conversions originating due to the TV campaign – the effects on performance can be used as insights for the marketer:

●    Vendor 2 may have a unique audience that does not overlap with those who were exposed to the TV campaign, providing evidence that Vendor 2 truly generating incremental results rather than cannibalizing over those of organics or those of other channels.
●    Vendor 2 growth in conversion may be the result of an overall brand equity increase as a result of the TV campaign, hence, some of the increase in performance for Vendor 2 should be allocated to the TV campaign.
●    Vendor 1 may be cannibalizing the organic users. The strong correlation between the increase of Organic conversions and those of Vendor 1 could act as proof to that.
●    The performance of the TV campaign being positive are undisputed, but further testing and changes are required to reach a conclusion.


The META Marketing Paradox Of “No Change”

Your marketing activities influences the results of your marketing activities. META.

Even if you make no changes to any campaign while running offline activity – you have made a change by starting a new campaign that influences your activity.



INCRMNTAL uses your data on a signal level, analyzing the hyperparameters using machine learning to understand the influence over all activity and bring you actionable insights.

To learn more, visit INCRMNTAL or book a demo with us today!

App marketers are of a special breed. They are hardcore performance marketers in heart , connected deeply with the product itself and measuring every possible KPI they can in order to improve the performance of the app.

We wanted to understand how these data driven, metrics savvy marketers measure the performance of various mediums such as: Influencers, TV, Radio, Out of Home and so on.

We ran a survey where we asked growth marketers: How do you track the performance of non trackable inventories ? 


70% of marketers had this to say: “We make no changes to other marketing channels in order to understand the lift”


“Holding Your Breathe” Is Not A Measurement Method

If we look at the example above, where the Advertiser ran a paid TV campaign during weeks 3-4, it is clear that the TV campaign did impact performance. But by how much ?

Baseline and Lift reporting would simply allocate the growth between the results of weeks 1-2 and those of weeks 3-4 to the offline campaign. i.e. – the TV campaign helped gain 15,668 additional conversions ((23,006+24,217)-(15,753+15,772))   

However, When we look at the results in a graph, we find some interesting observations:

1.    The conversion levels remained higher than in the weeks prior to the TV campaign activity.
2.    Vendor 2 did not show a dramatic “bump” in performance during W3 , but a steady increase in conversions.
3.    Organics and Vendor 1 change in performance is correlated.