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With 20 years of technology experience in a variety of industries, My introduction to the technology side of the marketing world started in 2011 with inneractive (acquired by Fyber). Inneractive offered a mediation SDK for publishers which evolved into a programmatic supply side platform (SSP) combining the simplicity of a mediation and the competitiveness of programmatic advertising in a single super-auction. 

At Inneracive, I learned about the supply side – publishers, media owners, content owners who need to harness big scale technology to monetize their inventory.


After Inneractive, I moved to Berlin and co-founded Simplaex. The first product built at Simplaex was a programmatic demand side platform (DSP), specifically focused on remarketing (or retargeting). Learning more about the demand side was an interesting and exciting experience. It was a steep learning curve as catering to the needs of Advertisers is much more difficult than catering to the needs of publishers. 


After the DSP we developed was acquired by a leading agency, we developed rivr, a supply side traffic shaping and price optimization platform.


In  those years I learned that the supply side is mainly the case of, publishers who have the desire to increase fill rate and eCPMs.


The demand side was more complex. Different advertisers have different goals, but more importantly – advertisers relied on  tracking when they wanted measurement – and the technologies available for measurement were sub-par.


Speaking with friends and colleagues in the industry, I found that there was  a big gap between what advertisers' expectations were for their measurement technologies vs. what measurement technologies actually offered.


Marketing measurement was limited to basic tracking between clicks and installs, or clicks and conversions. There was a generation of marketers who got sold on the idea that tracking wasn’t just a replacement for measurement – but that tracking offered deterministic measurement.


True measurement needs to focus on measuring the additive value one would get from their marketing investment. This is a hard technological problem to solve, especially considering that user tracking was bound to be deprecated. INCRMNTAL was going to offer a solution. 


Partnering with Maor Sadra, who I worked with at Inneractive, we both shared similar opinions about the measurement problem. While I come from the technology side, Maor comes from the business side, working with thousands of advertisers globally. Together, we agreed that the problem is too big to ignore.


Our original idea was to build the most advanced multi-touch attribution solution, using a clean room shared with advertisers and publishers and their first  party data. 

We shifted our focus to incrementality very quickly, realizing that we did not want to try and build better attribution , but solve the measurement problem.


We are doing this with INCRMNTAL.


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By Moti Tal, Co-Founder, CTO


INCRMNTAL is an always-on incrementality measurement platform. The technology is based on our proprietary causality algorithms. The platform allows marketers to measure the incremental impact of their ad channels, campaigns, ad groups, and creatives across digital and offline advertising channels.


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