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In 2020 we set ourselves to solve a really big problem - the problem of incrementality measurement, measuring the actual value of advertising activities. 

Marketing tracking and attribution was doing a great job in associating ad impressions and clicks with conversions tracked, but Advertisers were still paying for users that were likely going to convert anyways. 


Attribution technology was doing its job well, but if a media provider was serving users with a flyer just as they were about to enter your store - it could make you believe that the media provider was producing value to your business, when in reality - they were only winning credit, while not adding any real value. 


Listen to the Podcast interview between Maor Sadra, CEO @ INCRMNTAL and Eric Seufert of MobileDevMemo: The system is broken by design

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Case Study: eCommerce with a Negative Seasonality

While most customers enjoy a positive seasonality during Q4 - this specific customer has a negative seasonality factor during the holiday season due to the nature of their product. 

With increasing inventory costs, the INCRMNTAL platform was able to support this customer in making decisions which resulted in a 65% decrease in ad spend, while improving the efficiency of their user acquisition by 76%!

Case Study: Mobile Multiplayer Online Gaming App

This customer has been using the INCRMNTAL platform for insights for the past several months. Being one of the design customers, they were able to influence the product and suggest features that could help in their own marketing efforts. 

During the past months - the customer goal was to cut down their ad spend and focus on the marketing activities that yield the highest and fastest return over ad spend (ROAS)

As seen in the chart below - the customer was able to reduce 70% of their ad spend while keeping the same amount of conversions.

As a SaaS platform with flat pricing, the only agenda we have towards our customers is that they get the value the platform can help them gain. 

Our customers are varied in sizes (smallest spending $60K / month, largest spending $90M / month), industries (Gaming, FinTech, eCommerce, Mobility, eHealth, Lifestyle…). We work with customers only and operate campaigns over digital channels, as well as customers operating campaigns cross platform.


99% of our customers are using our platform to spend the budgets they have, while getting value for their budget, and not…hmmm….70% of the budget (if we’re optimistic).


We wanted to share some of these macro level case studies of the value our customers see in terms of ad spend vs. cost per acquisition over the past few months.

Case Study: FinTech Company

This customer goal was to reduce ad spend, while improving the efficiency of their user acquisition efforts. Over the course of 4 months, the customer reduced ad spend by 66% which improving their user acquisition by 70%

This improvement came as a result of cutting out redundant ad spend that was not yielding incremental marketing results.

Measuring and Improving Value

The Value in Incrementality Measurement 

We spent months speaking with marketers, understanding their pain, researching algorithms, learning everything we could about measurement methodologies and came up with our methodology for always-on incrementality measurement.


Working with 10 design partners representing our future customers, we were able to learn the needs of customers across various industries and sizes. Our research lead us to come up with several breakthroughs:


Developing our product was a wild experiment in using machine learning and AI to create multiple causality models that can help marketers understand the true value of their marketing spend, helping them improve their marketing activities towards their own goals.

Our vision at INCRMNTAL was to help evolve marketing from the measurement of traffic to the measurement of VALUE.

The use cases customers apply with our platform are varied. Some are using the platform to measure the unmeasurable (TV, OOH, OTT), and some are using it to make tactical decisions about where they should focus on in terms of digital ad spend.


We are grateful to the customers providing their feedbacks and helping us continuously improve the platform to support more use cases.

If you want to learn more about these use cases - feel free to reach out to us and schedule a demo where we can show you the use-cases that matter the most to you: Book a Demo